One of Our Ideas that Changed Advertising (Sort of)

Some years ago, while working on a brief for Barclays student insurance, we came up with one of those daft little idea that made us smile. It made the client smile too but IP issues and its ‘counter culture’ irreverence precluded it from being developed further.

Some years later we dug it out and entered it into the Chip Shop Awards in a category called ‘Work for a Brand You Have but Have no Chance of Running’.

It won.

So we then entered into Fresh and it won another award for ‘Idea that Never Ran’. And then someone from Laurence King spotted it somewhere online and asked if they could include it in the latest of their successful ‘100 Ideas that Changed…’ books about advertising.

Of course we agreed.

Illustrating a section that presents the debate on whether ads developed purely for creative jollies enrich or detract from the ad industry, we’re happy to put our name to witty work either way and it’s a thrill to be featured in such a great book. Well worth the time of anyone interested in some digestible insights into adland, 100 Ideas That Changed Advertising is available here.

The Blues in the Black Country

With the election campaign in full swing, the Conservative battle bus pulled up at the gates of Marston’s Wolverhampton brewery this morning.

As the recent budget’s ‘penny off a pint’ proves, Dave and George clearly recognise the emotive power of being associated with beer – so where better to stage a photo call than the fully stocked yard at the Park Brewery. The Vital team were on hand throughout, ensuring that the visit ran without a hitch from their ringside seat at the media circus before the Prime Minister and Chancellor sat with Chief Exec Ralph Findlay to talk tax and business.

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