Cheers to the Weekend

Cheers to the Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone!

We’re starting the weekend with a Banks’s Amber Bitter, McEwans Headspace and Marston’s 61 Deep.

Hope you all have a good one and Cheers! #cheerstotheweekend

Vital on Tour: Paris 2018

Vital on Tour:
Paris 2018

This year the Vital team jumped on the EuroStar at St. Pancras en route to Gare du Nord and took to the streets of Paris for our annual team meeting.

Arriving on the Sunday we stayed at Hôtel Apollinaire, had dinner at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte, a fantastic one choice menu where the steak and frites were to die for and visited the Montparnasse Tower taking in the breathtaking views of Paris as the sun set behind the Eiffel Tower. Then it was off into the night for a ‘few’ drinks.

On day 2, after our team meeting, we visited Atelier des Lumières for an incredible projection mapping and sound experience, had lunch at The Paname Brewing Company and finally visited Sacré-Coeur (The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris).

A fantastic time had by all with beautiful weather, who says you can’t mix business and pleasure?

You can see more pictures and videos from our trip on our Facebook Page:


Beer Town Film Festival

Beer Town Film Festival

Burton’s first ever Film Festival – dreamt up, conceived, designed, planned and executed by the Vital team and the Marston’s Brewery Marketing team of Elliot Allison and Jo Wyke, attracted nearly 800 entries, unprecedented for a festival of this size in its’ inaugural year.

The idea was simply to capture the innovation and creativity of young people across the country and inspire the young people of Burton and Staffordshire with the creativity already around them. The town has a rich contemporary heritage with talents such as festival patrons Rich Yeomans (SFX director on Harry Potter films), director Deborah Haywood along with the town’s talented actor Paddy Considine and This is England director Shane Meadows, both former Burton college students.

The final which featured Bafta nominated films as well as local young talent (in partnership with the Burton and South Derbyshire College) was held in the Marston’s Brewery yard in May 2018 and featured a screening of Star Wars Rogue One, directed by Midlands born director Gareth Edwards who recorded a special message for the finalists and the audience, signing off with “May the Fermentation be with You”.

As always, the Vital team were onsite to support the event and ensure everything ran smoothly.

The event was such as success we entered it into the Beer Marketing Awards 2018 and it has made the shortlist in three categories:


  • Marston’s Brewery – Beer Town Film Festival – Vital
  • Meantime Brewing Company
  • Old Mout Cider
  • Tribute Ale – We’re happiest in the pub poll
  • Wire and Tennent’s Lager – Making Mates With Influencers


  • Bright Signals – Wire Media – Republic of Media – Lucky Generals – Tennent’s Lager
  • Innis & Gunn, Studio Something
  • Marston’s Brewery – Beer Town Film Festival
  • St Austell Brewery – Tribute ‘Quality Speaks for Itself’


  • Club Soda
  • Fourpure Brewing Co.
  • Marston’s Brewery – Beer Town Film Festival

Results are announced at the Truman Brewery, Shoreditch on 20 September.

Good Luck guys.

Wanted: Part Superhero, Part Joker, All-rounder

Wanted: Part Superhero, Part Joker, All-rounder

We’re looking for another crusader (caped or otherwise) to join us in the studio and help us do great stuff!

The position is a full time studio support role. Someone with an eye for design, a proven background in ‘getting it out the door’ and a smashing personality. You’ll have been in a similar environment for about 3 years and are now looking for the next step, be awesome in all the usual Adobe applications and have great attention to detail when doing a Photoshop retouch or two, you might even have some video editing and After Effects skills. The more you can offer, the more ‘super’ we’ll find you!

If you think this sounds like you, drop Malc an email to [email protected] with your CV and some portfolio samples and maybe we’ll invite you in for a drink in our bar to discuss a few of the times you’ve ‘saved the world’.

Costume not required, we’ll provide one! [no agencies just now please].

Lauren’s a Top 30 under 30…

Lauren’s a Top 30 under 30…

A few weeks ago Lauren was selected as one of the Top 30 under 30 in ‘Restaurant Marketeer and Innovators‘, an event in collaboration with Propel Hospitality. The event, which was the first one of its kind, celebrated the next generation of market leaders in the food and hospitality industry. It was a great opportunity for Lauren to represent Vital and her work with clients to her peers who also work across both in-house and agency roles.

The evening consisted of a Cocktail event at The Vaults, Revolution Bar and included a presentation from representatives from Just Eat, Propel and Thai Leisure Group. Described as ‘having a natural understanding of the industry’ it was almost like Lauren has ‘Beer in her Blood’, but for this occasion it was for all the right reasons!

She’s pictured after the presentation with Diego Lijtmaer, Director of Business Development at Just Eat

Congrats Lauren…

Skier Dave Ryding, sponsorship and Winter Olympics 2018

Skier Dave Ryding, sponsorship and Winter Olympics 2018

Some kind words from Dave Ryding, currently riding high in the world’s top ten and building up to the Winter Olympics in only three weeks time! Go Dave!

“Vital are the second longest standing sponsor, coming on-board in 2009. They’ve funded and supported me ever since as well as just having built and launched my new website 

Support from Jeremy Eaton and the team at Vital has been key to enabling my progression in the brutal but amazing sport of ski slalom.

Partners like Vital are hard to find!”.

What’s the future looking like?

What’s the future looking like?

‘What’s going to be happening online in next twelve months, twelve weeks, twelve hours…? How, where and when do we identify which channels and platforms are best suited for what it is we’re trying to do with our brand?!’ 

Increasingly we’re finding that we’re having to research and summarise for our clients what’s going on in an increasingly pacy world, helping to identify not only what is happening now but what’s coming through. Means we can be both proactive and reactive almost simultaneously.

So taking social media, what’s 2018 likely to bring? Here’s our very brief take on it, three platforms at least. Some stats, some ideas and some observations. It could of course have all changed by the time I hit ‘publish’..!

2018 set to be the year of the Influencer. Influencer marketing places the focus on influential people rather than a target market as a whole and marketing activity is orientated at these influencers. In 2016-7 over 80% of marketers utilised social influencers and 94% consider it benefited brand.

Influence is not about number of followers or engagement, it’s ability to drive ACTION.

Instagram. Fastest growing social media platform with 600m unique users monthly, 53% of whom follow brands. Since Instagram launched Stories a year ago the number of daily users at 300m has increased by 160% and it is expected that by the end of 2018 over half of users will use Stories.

Facebook actively downgrades business content in users feeds via its content display algorithms, this makes it hard to gain visibility. Facebook Live videos. Watched 3x longer than regular videos and will push brands toward embracing spontaneous creative moments through live streaming. Videos for mobile should be 15 seconds or less (that’s Facebook speaking), use captions as sound increasingly muted. If longer then ensure key messaging comes in during 15 seconds.

Twitter is all about the latest news, anything too promo gets less traction, Instagram now has twice as many followers as TwitterUse Live Broadcast for product news, reviews and interviews with influencers. With video now part of Twitter makes for great engagement and mobile friendly.



Food trends for 2018. Lots of them

Food trends for 2018. Lots of them

Food trends are funny old things, every winter food companies, PR firms, and media outlets pull out their crystal balls and boldy state their predictions for what’s going to be big in food this year.

There is some consensus at least among forecasters that scientifically engineered plant-based proteins will be big in 2018 thanks to bleeding pseudomeat big boys like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. The world also doesn’t appear to be dumping charcoal food either. Others pulled out some truly original ideas like the rise of Earl Grey tea, my Grandmother would be delighted. Who knew too that cottage cheese would be “the new Greek yogurt?”

Of course it could be that they’re consigned to the flip-top bin come December but no matter, here is the list-of-lists of literally every single food and restaurant trend prediction for 2018, blame Eater for compiling.

Let us know if you make it to the end! No prizes but we’ll go and celebrate with at least one of these trend-setters on your behalf.

Regional Mexican and Chinese (Nation’s Restaurant News); Asian island cuisine (Restaurant Business); Restaurants designed for delivery and takeout (Restaurant Business); “Gut-friendly menu items”/medicinal food (Restaurant Business) (BBC) (Chase Bank (Fine Dining Lovers) (The Daily Meal); Creative use of waste/up-cycled products/food waste reduction (NRA) (Nation’s Restaurant News) (Specialty Food Association) (The Daily Meal); Chicken (Nation’s Restaurant News); Data-driven restaurants (Restaurant Business); Competitive dining (BBC); Customised employee training (Restaurant Business); Labour issues (Restaurant Business); “Fine-casual” (Nation’s Restaurant News); Casual restaurants redesigning menus for baby boomers (Restaurant Business); Israeli cuisine (Nation’s Restaurant News); Colourful food (Nation’s Restaurant News) (The Daily Meal); Vegan desserts (Buzzfeed); Vegetable entrees/veggie-centric/vegetable-forward cuisine (e.g. fresh produce is star of the dish) (NRN) (Nation’s Restaurant News) (The Daily Meal); Pizza (Nation’s Restaurant News); Deep frying (Fine Dining Lovers); Nostalgic foods (Nation’s Restaurant News) (The Daily Meal); Jewish-style delis (Nation’s Restaurant News) (QSR Magazine); Oats (The Daily Meal); High-end no-alcohol drinks (Nation’s Restaurant News) (BBC) (Buzzfeed) (The Daily Meal); “Farm to shaker” (Nation’s Restaurant News); Farm to table menus (Chase Bank); Adjacent wine bars (Nation’s Restaurant News); “Augmented” cold brew coffee (Nation’s Restaurant News); Mezcal (Nation’s Restaurant News); New cuts of meat (e.g. shoulder tender, oyster steak, Vegas Strip Steak, Merlot cut) (NRA); Earl Grey tea is so hot right now. Shutterstock; Earl Grey tea (Supermarket News); House-made condiments (NRA); Street food-inspired dishes (e.g. tempura, kabobs, dumplings, pupusas) (NRA) (Supermarket News); Ethnic-inspired breakfast items (e.g. chorizo scrambled eggs, coconut milk pancakes) (NRA) (Supermarket News); Sustainable seafood (NRA); Healthful kids’ meals (NRA); Ghee (Buzzfeed); Vegetable carb substitutes (e.g. cauliflower rice, zucchini spaghetti) (NRA); Uncommon herbs (e.g. chervil, lovage, lemon balm, papalo) (NRA); Authentic ethnic cuisine (NRA); Ethnic spices (e.g. harissa, curry, peri peri, ras el hanout, shichimi) (NRA); Peruvian cuisine (NRA); Specialised tea (BBC); House-made/artisan pickles (NRA); Heritage-breed meats (NRA); Modern Italian (Fine Dining Lovers); Thai-rolled ice cream (NRA); Affordable food (QSR Magazine); Tactile foods (Forbes); Entertainment and technology (QSR Magazine) (BBC); Savoury desserts (Fine Dining Lovers); Healthy and indulgent foods (QSR Magazine); Drinks with “exotic” ingredients (QSR Magazine); Alternative sweeteners (Specialty Food Association) (Chicago Tribune) (Fine Dining Lovers) (The Daily Meal); Black foods/goth food (QSR Magazine) (Specialty Food Association); Instagrammable foods (QSR Magazine); Cottage cheese is the new Greek yogurt (Chicago Tribune); Spicy-sweet, savoury-tangy flavour pairings (QSR Magazine); Fast and convenient food (QSR Magazine); Ethnic-inspired kids’ dishes (e.g. tacos, teriyaki, sushi) (NRN); Donuts with non-traditional filling (e.g. liqueur, Earl Grey cream) (NRN); Gourmet items in kids’ meals (NRN); Ethnic condiments (e.g. sriracha, sambal, chimichurri, gochujang, zhug) (NRN); Ancient grains (e.g. kamut, spelt, amaranth, lupin)/traditional bread (NRN) (Specialty Food Association) (Fine Dining Lovers) (The Daily Meal); Hyper-local (e.g. restaurant gardens, onsite beer brewing, house-made items (NRN) (BBC) (Fine Dining Lovers); Chef-driven fast casual concepts (NRN); Natural ingredients/clean menus (NRN); Grain bowls (The Daily Meal); Environmental sustainability (NRN); Locally sourced meat and seafood (NRN); Locally sourced produce (NRN); Simplicity/back to basics (NRN); Farm/estate-branded items (NRN); Geographic cocktails (Food & Wine); Artisanal whiskey (Food & Wine); Equality (Fine Dining Lovers); Cristalino tequila (Food & Wine); Arctic cuisine (Chase Bank); Small batch gins (Food & Wine); Plant-based foods (Forbes) (Specialty Food Association); No-broth ramen (Forbes); Filipino cuisine (Forbes) (Specialty Food Association); Delicious injections (Forbes); Facial recognition payment (Forbes); Floral flavours/edible flowers (The Daily Meal) (Whole Foods); Super powders (Whole Foods); Functional mushrooms (Whole Foods) (Fine Dining Lovers) (The Daily Meal); Middle Eastern foods (Whole Foods) (Specialty Food Association); Transparency food labelling/food transparency (Whole Foods) (Specialty Food Association) (Fine Dining Lovers) (The Daily Meal); Plant-based proteins/heme (Whole Foods) (BBC) (Chase Bank) (Buzzfeed); Puffed and popped snacks (Whole Foods); Tacos especially tacos with different types of wrappers and fillings (Whole Foods); “Root-to-stem” cooking (Whole Foods) (Specialty Food Association) (The Daily Meal); Sparkling beverages (Whole Foods) (The Daily Meal); Sizzling egg crepes (McCormick); Souping replaces juicing (Buzzfeed); Gyros meet arepas (McCormick) (Fine Dining Lovers); Dessert bao buns (McCormick); Berbere spice blend/North African spices/African flavours (NRN) (McCormick) (Buzzfeed); Tanzanian BBQ (McCormick); Japanese Izakaya eats (McCormick); Wellness drinks/superfood coffee (McCormick) (Self) (Buzzfeed); Hot pots (McCormick); Slower-growing animals (Nation’s Restaurant News) (Supermarket News); “Trash fish” at chains (Nation’s Restaurant News); Naan (Nation’s Restaurant News); Cannabidiol/Cannabis food (Nation’s Restaurant News) (Specialty Food Association); In-house distilling (Nation’s Restaurant News); Georgian wines (Nation’s Restaurant News); Algae (Supermarket News); Political food (Fine Dining Lovers); Seafood snacks (Supermarket News); Indulgence snacks (Supermarket News); Healthy snacks (Self) (Buzzfeed); Nuts and seeds (Self); Omega 9s (Chicago Tribune); Plant-based probiotics (Chicago Tribune); Chicory root fibre (Chicago Tribune); Pseudograins (Chicago Tribune); Single-serve snacks and meals (Self); Family-style dining (Virtuoso); Poke (GrubHub) (BBC); Timut pepper (BBC); Lettuce chicken wraps (GrubHub); Bulgogi bibimbap (GrubHub); Korean condiments replace Sriracha (Buzzfeed); Roasted cauliflower (GrubHub); Spicy tonkotsu ramen (GrubHub); Kimchi fries (GrubHub); Air frying (Buzzfeed); Cinnamon buns (GrubHub); Cowboy cooking (Chase Bank); Pumpkin soup (GrubHub); Comfort food and dessert (Chase Bank); Brisket sandwiches (GrubHub); Yellowtail belly (GrubHub); Communal table dining (Chase Bank); Mini corn dogs (GrubHub); Pork belly (GrubHub); Brick pressed chicken (GrubHub); Shio ramen (GrubHub); Korean fried chicken wings (GrubHub)


New website… AKA the ink that never dries!

New website… AKA the ink that never dries!

We all know the old adage ‘the cobblers children walk barefoot’, well, we finally got our boots on as we approach 2018!

As with many creative projects it kicked off with a pen and a blank sheet of paper (a beautiful thing!).

From design through copy, filming, photography to build it’s been a great collaborative team effort that acknowledges and reflects what the web is going to be looking like in 2018.